Professional service

We can advise you what to do when someone dies. From the moment of death we are able to help you make decisions and be entrusted with all the necessary arrangements. If death occurs at home you should call the doctor or us. If death occurs at a hospital, rest home, or another place call us for advice and assistance.

Sometimes, for various reasons, a doctor is unable to certify the cause of death and the Coroner becomes involved. In these cases the police act as Coroner’s Agents and employ a funeral director to transport the deceased to a public mortuary. It is still, however the family’s right and responsibility to contact their chosen funeral director to attend to all the other arrangements.

We offer personalised individual care to suit your needs and can help with:

  • Planning an appropriate funeral service at your chosen time and venue including providing a casket, a hearse, suitable premises and appropriate staff
  • Liaising with clergy, celebrant, cemetery or crematorium officials
  • Organising the music and musician
  • Inserting notices in local, national and international newspapers
  • Arranging flowers and other tributes
  • Organising purchase of a cemetery plot and interment
  • Facilitating the purchase of a memorial plaque or headstone
  • Collating official forms from the doctor or coroner
  • Filing of death registration forms.

We offer a variety of flexible services, options and facilities to ease the family’s time of grieving:

  • After-service catering facilities
  • Well-equipped office facilities
  • A comprehensive selection of caskets and memorial options
  • Locally owned funeral service
  • Pre-arranged and prepaid funerals to ensure your wishes are clear and complete.
  • Member of the New Zealand Funeral Directors association and New Zealand Independent Funeral Homes
  • Bereavement Support
  • Programme for ongoing care
  • An annual Service of Remembrance
  • An avenue of memorial trees with a yearly planting ceremony.
  • Fully trained staff with NZQA nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Four generations of family involvement
  • A welcoming chapel

Image courtesy of Gardens of the World.